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Portuguese Conversational Intro
University Village Seattle 
12:15 pm to 2:15 pm
9/20 - 11/22
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Conversational Intro to Brazilian Portuguese Class

At this level the Brazilian Portuguese learners will acquire basic conversational skills. The students will be immersed in Brazilian Portuguese and encouraged to use it during class as much as possible. In class, instructor will focus on developing the students’ speaking and listening skills, and students will be encouraged to practice their writing and reading independently, at times as part of their homework. By the end of this course, students should be able to do the following (in a basic/elementary level): greet appropriately and introduce themselves and others to people, respecting different levels of formality (formal and informal settings); provide basic personal information about themselves and others, as well as ask questions to obtain basic personal information about others; describe simple scenes and describe where things (objects and/or places) are located; describe a place (city/town); talk about how to get by (in a city, for instance); distinguish and use the verbs SER and ESTAR (to be) correctly; talk about routine; talk about likes and dislikes; talk about possessions using the possessive pronouns; talk on the phone; talk about food and order food in a restaurant; make suggestions; express future actions/plans; ask questions using most questions words, understand the meaning of different question words and provide answers accordingly; differentiate between the present and the past; recognize certain Brazilian Portuguese phonemes/sounds and be able to pronounce those correctly; recognize and use certain words/expressions of spoken Portuguese; recognize and make use of certain prepositions and articles correctly, by naturally using contractions in their speech.

The main lexical and grammatical topics this level should cover are: greetings and introductions; useful classroom language; definite and indefinite articles; countries and cities; questions words; the verbs SER and ESTAR (to be); the verb TER indicating possession (to have) and as HAVER (there is/there are); possessive adjectives (answering “DE QUEM é…?” WHOSE); expressions with ESTAR; expressions with TER; demonstrative pronouns; the verb GOSTAR (to like); the present (Presente do Indicativo) of regular verbs and some irregular verbs such as IR; the present continuous of some regular and irregular verbs; contraction of prepositions and articles; the future with the verb IR; typical foods; the past (Pretérito Perfeito) of some regular and irregular verbs; prepositions of place. Students should expect to learn the topics introduced in the first 4 units of their textbooks.

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Falar... Ler... Escrever... Portugues
Um Curso Para Estrangeiros

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