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Language Resources
French online exercises
Exercises for Deux Mondes

French learning site
Many different French learning websites

Learn French vocabulary
Learn and practice French vocabulary

Basic French
Learn basic French with audio support

French games, texts, grammar, exercises
Very interesting website about the French language

Many good language learning links
Good website with many activities

Little French words
Recognize and learn the little words in French

French gender rules
Recognize the gender for French nouns

French online grammar
Learn and review your French grammar skills

Test your French
Instantly test your French

French tongue twisters
International collection of tongue twisters

French pronunciation
French pronunciation - audio exercises

French language repetition
French language review

French Revision
Exercises for students and material for French teachers

BBC French language links
Many interesting language links

French, German, Spanish for teachers and learners
Interesting website for learners of different languages

Embassy finder

Vocabulary training
Learn and train your French, Italian, German and Spanish vocabulary