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German classes in Los Angeles

Our German language services in Los Angeles 

Our German language instructors teach private German language classes and language lessons in the Los Angeles area. We serve the population in and around Los Angeles with German language instruction. Private German language lessons are taught to individuals and small groups. We also offer our German language services to businesses and corporations. The German classes are fun, stress free and taught mainly by native German instructors who teach these German language programs to adults, families, schools, small and large groups, businesses and corporations in and around Los Angeles. Our German tutors serve the community of Los Angeles seven days per week. Weekend German classes are a good alternative to weekday classes and allow students with busy schedules to learn German in their free time. If you wish to take private German language instruction in Los Angeles, please contact us.
About German

The German language is one of the major languages in the world today. Nearly 100 million people speak the language natively, while 80 million people are reported to speak it as their second language. This is due to the fact that German is one of the primary international languages used in both politics and business. As a result, many students in Europe and America are encouraged to study and learn it as a second language. In addition, German is the language of a long and rich cultural and artistic tradition in both Germany and Austria, the two largest nations that speak the language natively. Countless numbers of operas, novels, philosophical texts, political essays, and other works of art and Literature are written in the German language. For this reason, many students who study Literature, Philosophy, History, and Music are also motivated to learn German so that they can understand and appreciate these texts in their native language.
Regardless of the grade level, German requires that a student learn and grasp its vocabulary, grammar, syntax, verb conjugation, pronunciation, and expressions. In addition, German also uses a form of verb declension, similar to Latin, which is not found in the English language. As a result, hiring a one-on-one German language tutor can be a tremendous asset to a student, since there are many facets to the language that can be further reinforced with a tutor.