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Institutional Language Instruction

If your institution is in need of language instruction to train individual employees, their staff or if your company is sending employees abroad, we are able to help.
Being culturally aware and speaking a foreign language is a must in today’s global world.
Our language instructors are experienced in working with small, mid-sized and large companies and groups and can offer you a complete range of language training. We are efficient and cost effective.
The language training is usually done at your site.
Contact us today to discuss your language needs.

Cultural Consulting

Are you relocating? Moving to a different country? Leaving with your family?
Do you have questions about practical day-to-day aspects, such as health care, insurance, educational systems, etiquette and protocol, leisure, social interactions, work standards, cultural differences, history and government, finding housing, logistics in general? Do you need a language consultant to work with you one on one to find answers to these questions?
Are you in need of a cultural trainer to introduce your entire family to the new situation?
Contact us today to discuss your cultural needs.

Translation and Interpretation

If you are in need of a translator or an interpreter, we are partnering with Circle Language Solutions, a company performing translation and interpretation services for clients throughout the United States.
Whether you need a document translated or you are in need of escort, consecutive or even simultaneous interpretation, our experienced linguists can help.
Contact Circle Language Solutions today.