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Korean classes in Los Angeles

About our Korean language services in Los Angeles

Our Korean language instructors teach private Korean language classes and language lessons in the Los Angeles area. We serve the population in and around Los Angeles with Korean language instruction. Private Korean language lessons are taught to individuals and small groups. We also offer our Korean language services to businesses and corporations. The Korean classes are fun, stress free and taught mainly by native Korean instructors who teach these Korean language programs to adults, families, schools, small and large groups, businesses and corporations in and around Los Angeles. Our Korean tutors serve the community of Los Angeles seven days per week. Weekend Korean classes are a good alternative to weekday classes and allow students with busy schedules to learn Korean in their free time. If you wish to take private Korean language instruction in Los Angeles, please contact us.

About Korean

The Korean language is one of the most fascinating languages in Asia, due to the fact that it is considered to be a language isolate, meaning that it cannot be directly traced to any other language. In spite of this, Korean is spoken by 80 million people worldwide, with the majority of them living in North and South Korea. Due to these countries’ close proximity to China, the Chinese language has greatly influenced Korean, and the two languages bear some similarities. The written language of Korean is quite different from English. While the ancient form of the language used Chinese symbols, Korean is now written using its own alphabet, known as hangul. Because hangul bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Latin alphabet used in English, students of the Korean language must first master the reading and pronunciation of the Korean alphabet. In addition, Korean language students of all levels must learn vocabulary, grammar, syntax, word order, pronunciation, and expressions. Because Korean is not widely taught in America and European colleges and universities, hiring a Korean language tutor can be a tremendous asset to someone who wishes to learn the language.