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Class Format

Seattle Languages International offers classes that meet your language needs. If you are not sure which class to take, the following information will help you to choose the right class.
While there are many different ways to teach and learn a foreign language, we at our Language Institute believe that learning a language requires the student to instantly be immersed in the target language.
Our language lessons, taught by our skilled, predominantly native instructors, are designed to build conversational skills.
Seattle Languages International offers different formats and levels of group classes.
For students with very specific goals, our language school also offers private, customized language instruction.

Travel classes (10h)
Travel classes are designed for students who wish to learn a foreign language for travel purposes.
These classes are for those students who have only a limited amount of time available in order to learn the basics of the target language. Students take this type of class in order to feel comfortable when traveling, when meeting people, when ordering food etc.
Travel classes are taken by motivated language learners who have a very precise goal in mind: to travel to a certain country or countries and be able to converse on a basic level and understand their culture. Travel classes are good introduction classes to learn the basics.

Conversational Intro classes
Conversational Intro classes are our most popular classes. 
These classes are Beginner classes for students who have no or very limited prior experience with the language. Students who take these classes usually have long term goals.
The initial focus of these classes is to enable students, with the help of minimal grammatical rules and with a lot of conversational practice, to rather quickly acquire basic conversational skills.
These classes are similar to the Travel classes except that they are longer and will focus toward the end more on structural exercises.
Conversational Intro classes are usually taken by those students who plan to travel to a foreign country, who want to visit and speak to relatives, friends, co-workers, clients or business partners or who simply wish to refresh or continue their language studies.
A combination of grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and useful expressions will give the student immediate basic speaking ability and will allow the student to interact after only a few hours of language instruction. Students are motivated and enjoy learning the language in a small group.

Language Level 2 classes (20h)
More conversational skills are taught combined with a good amount of grammar and exercises.
These continuation classes will enhance and strengthen your speaking abilities and help you to build a sturdy language foundation.

Language Level 3/4 classes (20h)
In these classes students will further their speaking and writing abilities by more grammatical and conversational exercises.

Language Level 5 and higher classes (20h)
For those students who want to boost their already very good language skills.
Usually taught in affordable semi private and private instruction.
Learn more about our affordable private language programs.

Discussion Groups (10h)
These classes are for those students who feel ready to challenge themselves in a discussion group where only the target language is spoken, thus increasing their fluency and confidence in using the skills learned in previous classes. Classes are 5 weeks long and are limited to 8 students.

Refresher Classes (10h)
Students who want to join a class but had some time away from studying the language can take advantage of these short and effective reviewing classes.