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French Level 2 Class
University Village Seattle 
12:15 pm to 2:15 pm
9/21 - 11/23
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Course Description -- French Level 2 Class

The French Level 2 class is for students who have previously taken our Conversational Intro class or who have had recently the equivalent of 25-30 hours of French instruction taken in a larger group setting. Students who have taken more than 30 hours in the past, yet are uncertain if this is the right class for them, can call us for an assessment of their French language abilities.
This French class will start with a basic review of conjugations of regular and some irregular verbs in the present.
In this lower intermediate class emphasis is placed on improving your basic speaking abilities and developing fluency. You will learn more and more irregular verbs and use them correctly in lower intermediate conversations. This class enables you to ask questions, understand answers, speak about your daily activities using the present and the future. You will learn how to express abilities, desires, necessity and quantities. Further you will be able to make comparisons, talk about what you and other know and learn how to use various idiomatic expressions.  Small texts about life in France and French society are used to enhance your vocabulary and to further your understanding of French people and French culture.
Grammar taught covers reflexive verbs, future actions with aller, the impersonal subject, irregular verbs with the infinitive construction, prepositions of locations, questions and interrogative words, difference between devoir and falloir, demonstrative adjectives, partitive articles, use of comparatives, direct object pronouns and regular verbs.
Our small class size - on average 6 students per class - will make the difference when learning French.
You only can learn French if you actually try to speak it!
With us you will have the opportunity to speak and practice at least 100% more as if you were sitting in a classroom with 12-15 students.
Good language instruction depends on quality instructors and quality speaking time.

Class Material

Material is not included in the tuition.

Deux Mondes

ISBN: 0-07-232070-2

Slightly used books are available for purchase at our school.

Purchase: $25

Slightly used books are available for rent at our school.
Rent: $15 (+ $25 deposit)

Book Rental Policy:

As a student you can rent the textbook for $15 for the duration of the course.
The book the student will receive is property of Seattle Languages International. The student will pay a deposit of $25 in order to keep it for the length of this entire class. If the book is returned to Seattle Languages International not later than 5 days after the last class session has terminated, Seattle Languages International will reimburse the student the deposit of $25. 
If the book is not received by Seattle Languages International by that day or if the book is used beyond reasonable wear, the $25 will not be refunded. The deposit & rent is not included in the tuition. It may be paid at the first class by check or cash. Students may also purchase the text book from other book vendors.



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