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Teaching language classes for kids - Teaching Material



Recommended Material:


Although we recommend the material visible below, all of our teachers are equipped with already designed lesson plans which can be combined with different teaching material such as DVDs, audio CDs, books, games, posters etc.
In case the recommended material is not used, our instructors usually request our students to bring a binder or a notebook to class.

For our K-3 students (2 CDs included)
Español para los chiquitos - Spanish for Young Children 
Cost: $45 (Textbook and Activity book)

55 pages, full color - 12 Spanish lessons for kids 

The Spanish for Young Children text features illustrated words, sentences and expressions common to a child’s daily vocabulary. The objective is to teach not only numbers, colors and animals, but to introduce a rich vocabulary in context, including relevant phrases for the target ages. Spanish for Young Children can be used either in the home school setting, with the help of the audio CD, or in the classroom. This method is easily adaptable for multi-level classes in which kindergarteners and first graders learn Spanish alongside older children. 

The activities based on the text match the corresponding illustration with spoken words, drawings, coloring, and speaking in the form of dialog or questions and answers prompted by the Spanish audio-based lessons. Vocabulary words also appear in printed form next to the drawings for students who can read and as a guide for non Spanish-speaking parents. Written exercises are also included so children who are ready can start practicing and developing writing skills. 

The text has a brief explanation of Spanish conjugation to help parents understand verb usage.

Activity Book
The Spanish for Young Children Activity Book contains illustrations with which children can make flash cards of their own by cutting and coloring. It also includes several blank grids and smaller illustrations with which children can prepare the cards to play Spanish bingo game cards.

For our older students:
Español Para Chicos y Grandes (1 CD included)
An Interactive Spanish course for Children and Parents, Level 1 Elementary
Cost: $45 (Textbook and Exercise Manual)

Spanish for children and parents, Level 1, textbook, consists of 24 chapters followed by an appendix containing idiomatic expressions and a Spanish-English glossary. It provides the material necessary for acquiring a sound basic knowledge of Spanish for kids.
The abundant vocabulary of 700 words and idiomatic expressions, together with simple Spanish grammar exercises, illustrations and sentence construction, greatly facilitates the task of both teachers in classrooms and parents at home.
In the organization of this text, we have followed the principle that a rich variety of activities is the key to keeping the attention of young learners. The multiple approaches we present here are consistent with research on how to enrich the memory centers in the brain. 

Each chapter presents new Spanish vocabulary followed by fun exercises to reinforce its learning. Each vocabulary unit is linked to a question, which stimulates dialogue between students working in pairs. English translations are provided at the bottom of the page or immediately following the word.
Short Spanish poems, humorous drawings, simple games and traditional songs serve as mnemonic devices. Cultural vignettes about children from Hispanic cultures, with the relevant vocabulary, awaken children’s curiosity about different places and ways of life. Working step by step, students learn to understand dialogue, entire paragraphs and short stories. They become able to respond to questions in Spanish.

Grammar and Exercise Manual
The Spanish for Children and Parents, Grammar and Exercise Manual, Level 1, which accompanies the text, reinforces Spanish language acquisition with various kinds of exercises and activities. These include matching words, filling in blanks to complete dialogue, coloring, locating countries and cities on a map, crossword puzzles, and listening input.
Although the text contains units centered on grammar structures, the Manual has more consistent, albeit simple, explanations of basic rules, which help parents and older children understand the way the language works.
Included in the Manual are:

a) Listening exercises, always necessary to develop auditory comprehension and conversational Spanish, for practice together with the CD; 

b) The Answer Key.  This feature is very important because it enables parents and children working in a Spanish home school setting to check their answers to each exercise.


For our beginners:
Chinese Made Easy for Kids 1 (textbook and workbook)
Price: $ 45
These books adopt a new approach in teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language. They are designed for primary school students who start to learn Chinese as total beginners.
Chinese Made Easy for Kids, comprises 4 books, each book consists of one textbook with a CD and a workbook. After completing this series, children will be able to write from memory approximately 100 simple characters, recognize over 500 Chinese characters and be able to develop listening and speaking skills form an early age.

The focus of our classes is:
- basic knowledge of pinyin
- basic knowledge of strokes and stroke order of characters
- listening and speaking abilities
- a lively learning atmosphere through rhymes, pictures and story-telling.
- up-to-date topics relevant to the primary school students

Topics covered in the series:

-    Greetings
-    Classroom language
-    Personal introduction
-    Numbers and dates
-    Countries and languages
-    Occupations and work places
-    Modes of transportation
-    Colors and clothing
-    Daily routines
-    School subjects and facilities
-    Parts of the body and illness
-    Everyday articles
-    Articles in the house
-    Animals
-    House and rooms

For our intermediate and advanced students:
Chinese Made Easy for Kids 2-4 (textbooks and workbooks)


Recommended Material: French – the 100+ series
Price: $15

Although we recommend the material visible below, all of our teachers are equipped with a variety of different teaching material such as DVDs, audio CDs, books, games, posters etc.
In case the recommended material is not used, our instructors usually request our students to bring a binder or a notebook to class.

French - the 100+ series

This is the perfect resource for teaching French. Beginning with the alphabet and numbers, and progressing through functional vocabulary, this resource gets students started on the path to speaking French.
Over 100 activities make this a fun learning tool for the student as well as practical resource for the instructor.
Students learn basic vocabulary, such as colors and family names, as well as such day-to-day terms as kitchen sink, hammer, skyscraper etc.
Category groupings that range from the farm and the circus to the house and the city lay the groundwork for students to acquire a working knowledge of French.

For additional languages, please contact us.